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Here at Done Right we understand the importance of being able to put your trust into your cleaning service... After all, you're letting them into your home. That is why we THRIVE off of referrals/word-of-mouth. Our clients know how reliable, trust-worthy, and honest we are. 

1 Referral

10% OFF any cleaning package you book.

2 Referrals

A FREE Disinfectant Spray added to your next cleaning.

3 Referrals

25% OFF any cleaning package you book.

4 Referrals

50% OFF any cleaning package you book.

Rules & Guidelines

1. Your referral must book a cleaning meeting the minimum number of hours in order for your reward to be applicable.

2. Once you use your referral reward, it is no longer able to be used again (1 time use).

3. You can only use one referral reward at a time.

4. Once you reach 4 referrals, you reset back to level 1.

5. Rewards are no longer redeemable after a 3 month period.